Madeira Promotion Bureau

To support in the re-positioning of Madeira as a wellness tourism destination


To support in the re-positioning of Madeira to become a wellness tourism destination.



  •  To educate and make relevant to Madeiran stakeholders, the related economic impact of wellness tourism
  • To work with the MPB to create messaging that captures and positions madeira as a wellness destination
  • To design and deliver a senior level round table discussion and wellness tourism conference

Lovie Award Winner 2022

Working with Global hospitality brand Accor, Well Intelligence curated and delivered the Health to Wealth concept; an award winning podcast series, an entrepreneurial well tech event and a Whitepaper.

The hugely successful series helped secure high calibre guest speakers for the podcast series that was hosted by WI founder, Anni Hood. It won the coveted Lovie Award in 2022.

Wellbeing Consultancy Projects

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