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In today's fast-paced and demanding business world, employee wellbeing has become a top priority for many companies. The benefits of prioritising employee wellbeing are numerous, including increased productivity, improved employee engagement and retention, and a more positive and inclusive workplace culture.

However, many businesses may not have the resources, expertise, or time to develop and implement effective wellbeing strategies on their own. This is where this we can play a valuable role. Well Intelligence is a leading, wellbeing consultancy, transforming tired, business-as-usual behaviour, into agile, responsive, and sustainable culture. We future-proof brand purpose, inspire people to flourish and motivate community cohesion. Because all our tomorrows rely on fast-tracking today’s thinking.

Wellbeing For Business Podcast

Well Intel Daily

This podcast by award winning podcast host Anni Hood, makes the case for wellbeing culture as a transformational powerhouse. It weaves together the significance of big picture themes with everyday relevance . Seemingly disparate perspectives become 20:20 vision for wellbeing integration into business strategy.

A daily inspiration on topical news, culture, money, health, society, technology, environment and geopolitics, through a wellbeing lens.  Founder of Well Intelligence, Anni Hood explores a rich seam of discussion topics that will give you both clarity and pause. 

Prioritise wellbeing culture in your business

The Well Intelligence Formula

Fast Track

The fast track to harnessing wellbeing intelligence

We provide bespoke wellbeing consultancy and services to accelerate businesses towards a healthier brand and workplace. No matter where you are in your product cycle, business evolution or transformation, it is likely you’re thinking carefully about how to build on the still precarious foundations of recovery and move forward sustainably as a brand and a business. For many businesses that now requires dramatic shift in priorities. That’s where we come in.


Why follow? Lead

Not every business or organisation recognises the good they’re doing or how valuable all the things they’re doing in silos, turn out to be as a whole.  Are you showcasing your business in a way that demonstrates your values? Do your future employees and customers know what they would be aligning with?

Joining the dots

We’ll get you ahead of the business pack

Get a deeper understanding of what wellbeing culture means for you and your workplace and how to embrace it. The integration of wellbeing culture in business used to be something optional. Not anymore. Now, if businesses wish to retain talent, resonate with consumers and grow their brand value, their business oxygen comes from a wellbeing focused culture, service and products. So, join the dots in the still evolving ’new normal’ consumer habits, business practice and brand values.


A future full of Wellbeing Intelligence

We’re on a mission to transform lives by turbocharging the culture of ‘people-first’ wellbeing. We believe our collective wellbeing requires us to upgrade personal responsibility, business philosophy and national policy. So, we’re providing the insights and expertise to realise that future, where the value of human and planetary wellbeing takes centre stage. The future belongs to smart minds and big hearts!

Our Network

Access to a high calibre network of expertise

We advocate for myriad perspectives and joined up reasoning to land on the right team and tailored collection of expertise.  We ensure that that you and your business,  benefits not only from agreed deliverables but also from the inspirational halo and motivation that comes from demonstrated talent.

Wellbeing Consultancy Packages

Increase performance and productivity in business


A inspirational space for leaders to gather and discuss both professional and personal navigation to wellbeing priority
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A practical wellbeing toolkit and coaching for nurturing health and resilience
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Masterclass series for executive leaders - a strategic roadmap for the integration of wellbeing culture into business strategy.
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One to One

Walk & talk in nature with Well Intelligence founder, Anni Hood, to clear the barriers to progress
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Bespoke wellbeing consultancy services that fast-tracks business to a healthier brand culture
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Double Gold Award Winner

Best podcast series
Best health and wellbeing series
driving transformational change

Working with Global hospitality brand Accor, Well Intelligence curated and delivered the Health to Wealth concept; an award winning podcast series, an entrepreneurial well tech event and a Whitepaper.

Designed to “explore the current state of wellbeing and the defining issues of our time,”  the Health to Wealth concept is a proven formula driving brand value, credibility and high return on investment for Accor. It responds to the needs of business and the expectation of consumers. We want to create an award winning concept for your brand and business.

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Thought Leadership

Well Intelligence created a concept that could most ably capture the core purpose of Accor through Health to Wealth – to increase their brand recognition and thought leadership in the wellbeing culture arena.

This meant gathering the most critical aspects of wellbeing and curating topics and speakers who could stand alone and together in the rich tapestry that is individual, societal and global wellbeing culture.


Return On Investment

This ‘power of three’ combination has proven to be a winning one with over 100k  podcast downloads and more than 30k subscribers in the first few months, entrepreneurs are boasting significant wins from the event and the white paper poised for release early in 2023 with large downloads expected based on the success of the first two components.

The ‘news’ of Health to Wealth reached over 3 million people in 100+ countries.

These ongoing, positive results simultaneously drive a global  proliferation of Accor’s thought leadership and activism in embodying wellbeing as a transformative culture. 


Podcast, Event, White Paper

Well Intelligence was the mastermind behind the curation of the Health to Wealth formula. The global to grass roots proposition helped secure high calibre guest speakers for the podcast series that washosted by WI founder, Anni Hood.

We selected and coached the short listed entrepreneurs and curated the contents for the whitepaper.

The trifecta combination that was a podcast series (now award winning!), entrepreneurial tech event and white paper.


What the client said

"Our Health to Wealth series 2022 has been an incredible success. The Well Intelligence team, led by Anni, has been integral to this achievement, masterminding the concept, securing outstanding guest speakers and hosting what has become an award-winning podcast. This is a true measure of the calibre of work that Well Intelligence delivers.

Our expectations have certainly been exceeded – Health to Wealth has become one of the most impactful projects we’ve ever launched and we look forward to working with Well Intelligence on season two”

Emlyn Brown Global VP - Wellbeing, ACCOR

"Our Health to Wealth series 2022 has been an incredible success. The Well Intelligence team, led by Anni, has been integral to this achievement, masterminding the concept, securing outstanding guest speakers and hosting what has become an award-winning podcast. This is a true measure of the calibre of work that Well Intelligence delivers. "


Global VP - Wellbeing at ACCOR

“The Impetus hub has far exceeded my expectations; the focused conversation and topics give me pause to consider perspectives I had not even thought of exploring, for me and for my business.”


Exec Director- Koru Wellness

“You bring wellness to us in a totally different light to others, which is very wholesome....and necessary. It’s a really global/political and business viewpoint, not just ‘for me.”


Being at The Cottage

“As usual, Anni is an absolute pro who brings a huge amount of knowledge and expertise to every session. Unbiased and very thought provoking.”


Partner, Queen of Retreats and Chair, Indigoeight Communications

“This is a full-bodied and deeply researched initiative - inclusive, instructive and collaborative - spelling out how and why wellness matters so deeply at a societal level and what you can do about it.”


CEO - Beauty Compass

“An eye-opener, game changer and thought provoker, thank you for this outstanding series on wellbeing culture priority in business. It has been fascinating, extremely informative and incredibly powerful in helping me to understand the real world dynamics of today.”


Managing Director - Daniella Russell Global

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