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with Anni Hood - award winning wellbeing consultant

This is an open opportunity to discuss and gain both insight and knowledge on how wellbeing culture can become a hallmark of your success. The stage is already set when it comes to the expectation of wellbeing priority in business. Whether that is coaching optimal health for employees, avoiding burn-out for leaders or adopting core cultural values and behaviour in how you do business.

And from a brand value perspective, the ethos you live by and communicate is also a vital part of your reputation. This consultative conversation will give you clarity on how you can adopt a culture that is both nurturing and performance led.

A positive impact on performance and success

How Well Intelligence works

Move Forwards

Harnessing wellbeing intelligence

We provide bespoke wellbeing consultancy and services to accelerate businesses towards a healthier brand and workplace. No matter where you are in your product cycle, business evolution or transformation, it is likely you’re thinking carefully about how to build on the still precarious foundations of recovery and move forward sustainably as a brand and a business. For many businesses that now requires dramatic shift in priorities. That’s where we come in.

Build Leadership

Why follow? Lead

Not every business or organisation recognises the good they’re doing or how valuable all the things they’re doing in silos, turn out to be.  Are you showcasing your business in a way that demonstrates your values? Do your future employees and customers know what they would be aligning with?

Join The Dots

We’ll get you ahead of the business pack

Get a deeper understanding of what wellbeing culture means for you and your workplace and how to embrace it. The integration of wellbeing culture in business used to be something optional. Not anymore. Now, if businesses wish to retain talent, resonate with consumers and grow their brand value, their business oxygen comes from a wellbeing focused culture, service and products. So, join the dots in the still evolving ’new normal’ consumer habits, business practice and brand values.

Transform Lives

A future full of Wellbeing Intelligence

We’re on a mission to transform lives by turbocharging the culture of ‘people-first’ wellbeing. We believe our collective wellbeing requires us to upgrade personal responsibility, business philosophy and national policy. So, we’re providing the insights and expertise to realise that future, where the value of human and planetary wellbeing takes centre stage. The future belongs to smart minds and big hearts!

Join Network

Access to a high calibre network of expertise

We advocate for myriad perspectives and joined up reasoning to land on the right team and tailored collection of expertise.  We ensure that that you and your business,  benefits not only from agreed deliverables but also from the inspirational halo and motivation that comes from demonstrated talent.

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