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Bespoke wellbeing consultancy services that fast-tracks business to a healthier brand culture and improved performance

Tailored For Business

We recognise the challenge businesses face and the dramatic shift in priorities, dependent on industry, that recent times have brought.

The integration of wellbeing culture in business used to be something optional. Not anymore. Now, if businesses wish to retain talent, resonate with consumers,  grow their brand value and performance, the weave of wellbeing focused culture, service and products, must be to business what oxygen is to people.

Every brand and business is different. We offer a range of ‘ready to run’ options but we know that off the shelf isn’t always the best fit. Let’s collaborate and create a bespoke solution for your company, your team and for you – your wellbeing as a leader will have a significant affect on how wellbeing culture is embraced throughout your company and by your employees. You are their inspiration.

Some examples of tailored services that we craft dependent on the needs of each client;

Specific corporate projects;

Take Health to Wealth as a case study example – the brief was to capture and communicate the wellbeing values within Accor, increasing their brand recognition, thought leadership and positioning in the the sector of transformational wellbeing culture .

Take a look at how we did it and the impact it created.

Leadership Retreats;

Tailored, organised and executed for C-Suite teams  and board directors  – locally and on location – they combine personal wellness practice with inspirational speakers and an overarching intention of re-charge, replenishment and surrender.

Integration of wellbeing culture into business strategy;

You may not be there yet but the inclusion and weave of robust wellbeing culture throughout your business is no longer an optional extra. If you are not already actioning a programme that seeks to support and improve the wellbeing of your people and the sustainability of your business practice, you will start to fall behind competitors. Talk to us about what it means to begin and build forward.

Market insights and analysis;

Using tools like research, business audits, competitor evaluations and workshops to join the dots between macro and micro trends and provide insight on the things that matter to advance your business.

Your (virtual) Chief Wellbeing Officer;

If you want the assurance of  ‘on tap’ expertise  for wellbeing culture integration in your business or support for what you’re already doing, this is your seamless answer.. You will retain the experience, insight and expertise of Well Intelligence Founder Anni Hood for a defined number of hrs per month – often in combination with another service, to support you and your company in the navigation

For any support, discussion or enquiry – you can contact directly on the FREE  ‘wellbeing consultancy call back’ – Anni will contact you and arrange a mutually convenient time to have a conversation or use the contact form if you’d like to put your thoughts in writing.

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