Community Hub

A inspirational space for leaders to gather and discuss both professional and personal navigation to wellbeing priority

This space and community is designed to provide greater depth and space for discussion on the episode contents of the Well Intel Daily podcast; it is anchored to the acceleration and the priority of integrating wellbeing culture into business strategy whilst nurturing you at the same time.
  1. Be part of a community that discusses topical issues, personal observations, experience of challenge and shared solution. This is a connected group of like-minds, hungry to lead positive change.
  2. Global leaders impart their own learnings both from a business and personal growth perspective – inspiration for walking your talk, is here.
  3. Share and receive wisdom that will strengthen your resilience and benefit from a nurturing and transformative space.
  4. Understand what conscious leadership looks and feels like for you and your business and contribute to a re-imagined roadmap for evolving work and life values.
  5. Gain insight and articulation on how the dots join together …from the environment and the economy to industry segments, health, leadership and you as a global citizen.
  6. A platform for change-makers from every generation to plug into and contribute to a new way of being.

This gathering of like-minds will give you a players advantage on wellbeing relative insight, intelligence, and practical solution. You are invited to join a progressive, cross-industry gathering of game-changers, all eager to drive the value of human wellbeing and people-centric culture.

What you get;

  • A monthly 90 minute online zoom discussion on topics relative to the wellbeing of people and planet (first Tuesday of every month)
  • Monthly edited transcripts of the daily podcast contents
  • Group WhatsApp  – for shared articles, questions and exchange

Why would you invest?

You could do with some help to join the dots in the still evolving ’new normal’ –  consumer habits, business practice, brand values, retaining talent.

You’re thirsty for knowledge, insight and a deeper understanding of what wellbeing culture means – to you AND your workplace or business.

You want greater understanding for what conscious leadership looks and feels like  – whether that is for you or for leadership groups.

You’d like a platform that provokes and nurtures a greater connection within yourself in parallel with professional nourishment.

As a leader yourself, you know that changing habits and/or mindset and culture goes hand in hand with consistency and routine.

You’d like your month to always kick off on a positive  – personally as well as professionally!

The annual cost is £250.00 + VAT  per annum

Email for more information or click here to book your spot

“Community hub has far exceeded my expectations; the focused conversation and topics give me pause to consider perspectives I had not even thought of exploring, for me and for my business.”

Erin Lee
Exec Director- Koru Wellness

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