Clinique La Prairie Spa Concept

Creation of a concept and brand DNA for the Clinique La Prairie spa and wellness offering.


To create a concept and brand DNA for the Clinique La Prairie spa and wellness offering.



  • Spa vision and conceptual identity
  • Strategic plan,culture and philosophy
  • Brand standards and guest service training
  • Concept scalability and spa integration to the Clinique la Prairie medical faction
  • Personnel and operational infrastructure
  • Leadership, accountability and management structure
  • Team evaluation and sourcing of personnel
  • Facility optimisation and financial drivers
  • Retailing and product development

Wellbeing Consultancy Packages

Increase performance and productivity in business


A inspirational space for leaders to gather and discuss both professional and personal navigation to wellbeing priority
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A practical wellbeing toolkit and coaching for nurturing health and resilience
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Masterclass series for executive leaders - a strategic roadmap for the integration of wellbeing culture into business strategy.
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One to One

Walk & talk in nature with Well Intelligence founder, Anni Hood, to clear the barriers to progress
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Bespoke wellbeing consultancy services that fast-tracks business to a healthier brand culture
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Wellbeing strategy, workshops, leadership, research, market insights, employees, community and bespoke consultancy 

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