Kier Group/NHS

To create a community transformation model enabling lifestyle shift toward preventive and proactive behaviour habits


To contribute to the planning of a new health and wellbeing centre in Corby, alongside the creation of a community transformation model to shift behaviour patterns toward a more preventive, pro active health culture.



  • Creation of a behavioural change model that also maps stakeholders, support partners and critical network
  • Establishment of the support network mapping stakeholders, partners and existing organizations
  • Curation of an implementation plan
  • Development of monitoring and tracking system

Lovie Award Winner 2022

Working with Global hospitality brand Accor, Well Intelligence curated and delivered the Health to Wealth concept; an award winning podcast series, an entrepreneurial well tech event and a Whitepaper.

The hugely successful series helped secure high calibre guest speakers for the podcast series that was hosted by WI founder, Anni Hood. It won the coveted Lovie Award in 2022.

Wellbeing Consultancy Projects

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