Anni Hood

Consultant and thought leader for wellbeing integration into business strategy 

A global thought leader, wellbeing adviser and strategist, Anni advocates and leads a cross section of projects that hold wellbeing culture, value and impact at their core. From workplace wellbeing, integration of wellbeing into hospitality and travel to C-suite burn out,  community cohesion and pro-active health related projects.

She advises and supports organisations seeking to nourish their leadership and employees, become more sustainable in how they do business and to strategise in a way that honours people and planet as well as profit.  Anni is a creative with a track record  - she has the foresight to be able pull seemingly disparate perspectives into 20:20 vision and deliver programming,  insights and analysis, conceptual development, products and world leader positioning through knowledge, experience and a unique pulse that combines the global big picture with grass-root individuality.

Anni is the Founder and Chief Exec of WELL Intelligence –  home to bespoke and off-the-shelf systems and products that educate, nurture and nourish employee teams and provide a prescient view of the future for leaders. She provides daily insight through the Well Intelligence podcast Well Intel Daily and supports the community further through the community group Well Intel Daily Hub.

She's an award winning podcast host - the Well Intelligence team curated the Health to Wealth podcast and trifecta series winning a double gold Lovie for best podcast series and best health and wellbeing series


Wellbeing Consultancy Packages

Increase performance and productivity in business


A inspirational space for leaders to gather and discuss both professional and personal navigation to wellbeing priority
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A practical wellbeing toolkit and coaching for nurturing health and resilience
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Masterclass series for leaders to transform the wellbeing status quo. A business game-changer
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One to One

Walk & talk in nature with Well Intelligence founder, Anni Hood, to clear the barriers to progress
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Bespoke wellbeing consultancy services that fast-tracks business to a healthier brand culture
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Wellbeing strategy, workshops, leadership, research, market insights, employees, community and bespoke consultancy 

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